E-Mail Address pirons@glenncoe.org
Primary Contact Name Phadie Irons
Address 676 E. Walker St., Orland
Description To act as ambassadors on behalf of children, child care, and the child care profession
Authority California CalWorks legislation AB 1542 (Ed Code Sections 8499.3 and 8499.5)
Appointing Power Board of Supervisors/Superintendent of Schools per Minute Order 23 of 9/29/1998
Qualification n/a
Term Three years
Oath Required No
Bond None
Compensation None
Contact Person Phadie Irons 865-1267 X 2281(Fax) 865-4797
Committee Roster

APPOINTEES:  5 Board Members & 5 School Members
Colleen Watkins (Public Agency Representative) (School Appointment) (Term 1/1/19 - 1/1/22)
Heather Aulabaugh (Public Agency Representative) (Board Appointment) (Term 12/8/19 - 12/8/22)
David Longaker (Community Representative) (Schools Appointment) (Term 9/6/17-9/6/20)
Lucas Bradbury (Community Representative) (Board Appointment) (Term 12/1/20 - 12/1/23)
Irma Cuadros (Discretionary Representative) (Schools Appointment) (Term 9/6/17 - 9/6/20)
Rosa Esparza (Discretionary Representative) (Board Appointment)(Term 7/5/17 - 7/5/20)
Katrina Monck (Child Care Consumer) (Board Appointment) (Term 12/31/18-12/31/21)
Carolina Ruiz (Child Care Consumer) (School Appointment) (Term 5/3/19 - 5/3/22) 
Sarah Grijalva (Child Care Provider) (Board Appointment) (Term 8/30/20 - 8/30/23)
Margrit Vogelesang (Child Care Provider) (Schools Appointment) (Term 5/3/19 - 5/3/22)