Glenn County District Attorneys

Ben F. Geis 1891-1893; 1896-1899; 1915-1918
George D. Dudley 1893-1896
R. A. Long 1899-1903
R. L. Clifton 1903-1906
Claude F. Purkitt 1907-1915
Robert F. Clifton 1918-1919
Henry W. McGowan 1919-1927
Guy L. Louderback 1927-1931
Milton M. Hogle 1931-1935
William T. Belieu 1935-1939
Clyde H. Larimer 1939-1962
Donald A. Thomas 1963-1965
Roy G. MacFarland 1965-1969
Fred J. Meckfessel 1971-1976
Robert J. Maloney 1976-1982; 2011-2014
Craig L. Stevenson 1983-1990
Robert S. Holzapfel 1990-2010
Robert J. Maloney 2011- 2015
Dwayne R. Stewart 2015- Present

This project was completed by Dominic Brock, Intern, using information from oral interviews, internet research, and county election records. If anyone has additional information please contact the Glenn County District Attorney's Office.