Report Adult/Elder Abuse

Adult/Elder Abuse

Please call the APS/IHSS duty number (530-865-6164) to report any suspected abuse of disabled or elderly individuals.

After Hours, Weekends and Holidays call:  530-934-6520


  If you are a mandated reporter, please also complete a Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse SOC 341 Form  


The form contains instructions on how to fill it out. There are three options for getting the completed form to the HHSA:

  1. Bring a copy of the completed form to the front desk of the Willows HHSA office at 420 E. Laurel Street , or the Orland office at 127 E. Walker Street.
  2. Fax a copy to 530-865-1243.
  3. Mail a copy to:

Glenn County Adult Protective Services 

PO BOX 611, Willows, CA 95988

Keep a copy for your own records as well.