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E-Mail Address
Primary Contact Name Brenda Prather
Address 420 E. Laurel St., Willows
Description To provide in home care to disabled and elderly persons in County
Authority Minute Order 24 of 12/19/2000 and Assembly bill 1682
Appointing Power In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority
Qualification Do not need to be resident of Glenn County or registered to vote
Term Pleasure of the Board (AB 1682)
Oath Required No
Bond None
Compensation None
Contact Person Brenda Prather
(530) 865-6150
Committee Roster

APPOINTEES:  ELEVEN MEMBERS (1 Glenn County Employee, 6 IHSS Consumers, 1 or 2 Providers, 2 or 3 Advocates)

Jay Harris, Consumer (Term 8/2/2005 - Pleasure of the Board)
John K. Viegas, Advocate (Term 4/6/2021 - Pleasure of the Board)
Monica Rossman, Board of Supervisors (Term 1/9/2024 - 12/31/2024)
Sharon Shab, Consumer (Term 4/3/2007 - Pleasure of the Board)
Sue Good, Advocate (Term 8/2/2005 - Pleasure of the Board)
Vacant, Provider  
Vacant, Advocate