Chrome Fire Evacuations

Glenn County, CA - Advisory evacuations are in effect for the Chrome Fire in western Glenn County. Advisory evacuation warning area includes Stony Gorge east to the community of Elk Creek. This includes area of County Road 309 south to County Road 308 and east of Stony Gorge to 2 miles west of  Stony Creek.

Residents in an advisory evacuation zone should prepare to evacuate at a moment’s notice. If you require additional time or assistance to evacuate, you should make arrangements now to leave the area.

9-1-1 Emergency lines are currently not working in the area of Stonyford, Elk Creek, and Paskenta. If you have an emergency and live in these areas, please contact Glenn County Sheriff’s Office dispatch directly at 530-934-6431.  We are currently working on the issue with AT&T. We are uncertain if this will affect our CodeRED emergency alert system should we need to send an evacuation notice in this area. If the outage impacts the reverse 911 system through CodeRED, we may need to utilize the Federal emergency alert system in order to connect with people in significantly threatened areas. If this system is utilized, it may alert phones throughout the County and in non-impacted areas. Please listen to all alerts and only evacuate if the alert includes your area.

Residents in the Advisory Evacuation zone should prepare to evacuate and should be ready to immediately evacuate if their area changes to a Mandatory Evacuation Area. Residents should:

  • Identify potential evacuation routes
  • Fuel up your car
  • Arrange for transportation if you do not have a car
  • Arrange to shelter with family and friends or know the route to the Glenn County Shelter location
  • Please pack supplies for your family, kids, and any pets
    • Essentials include:
      • Medications and prescriptions
      • Glasses
      • Clothing
      • Pet supplies including crate, leashes, food, identification tags, and photo
      • Comfort items
      • Any items you will need to shelter for 3 days
  • If you need assistance evacuating livestock, please notify Glenn County Sheriff’s Office at 530-934-6431


Glenn County Health & Human Services is on standby to activate a shelter at Veterans’ Memorial Hall located at 525 W Sycamore Street, Willows, CA 95988, if needed. If you need shelter, please notify Glenn County Sheriff’s Office at 530-934-6431.


Residents are encourage to sign up for our two emergency alert systems: CodeRED and Nixle. We will continue to push advisory and emergency alerts through these systems. To sign up go to:, select Sheriff’s Office. Click on the CodeRED and Nixle icons to register.


Below are additional definitions of Advisory Evacuation vs. Mandatory Evacuations.


Mandatory Evacuation Order:

  • Requires the immediate movement of people out of an affected area due to an imminent
    threat to life.
  • Choosing to stay could result in loss of life. Staying may also impede the
    work of emergency personnel.
  • Due to the changing nature of the emergency, this Mandatory Evacuation Order may be the only warning that people in the affected area (s) receive.


Advisory Evacuation Warning:

  • Alerts people in an affected area (s) of potential threat to life and property.
  • An Advisory Evacuation Warning considers the probability that an area will be affected and prepares people for a potential Mandatory Evacuation Order.
  • Residents in an Advisory Evacuation Area should prepare to evacuate and should be ready to immediately evacuate if their area changes to a Mandatory Evacuation Area.
  • People who need additional time should consider evacuating at this time.


For more information, contact the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office at 934-6441, visit our website: and select Sheriff, or access us on Facebook at