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Glenn County Sheriff Richard Warren is pleased to announce that CodeRED is now in place for emergency alerts and notifications. “CodeRED is a high-speed notification system that provides us with the ability to quickly deliver critical messages to our residents during emergencies,” said Sheriff Warren. “This system will be used to notify residents during events such as an evacuation; when speed and accuracy are important.”

CodeRed is able to deliver messages through multiple platforms at one time including phone, text, email, mobile app, social media, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). Additionally, the alert can be issued countywide or to a geographically selected area depending on the emergency.

Glenn County residents and businesses will need to register their contact information in CodeRed’s secure database to ensure delivery of critical alerts. Traditional landline phone numbers are uploaded into the system, however, unlisted numbers, VoIP, and cellular phones must be self-registered.

Residents and businesses can enroll in CodeRED Glenn County by going to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office website:  and click the CodeRED Emergency Notification Enrollment link on the right side of the homepage. For residents without internet access or who need assistance with enrollment, contact CodeRED customer service Monday through Friday at (866)939-0911. A mobile phone app is also available for download for free in your mobile app store, search CodeRED Mobile Alert.

The CodeRED system allows geographical based alerts which will require entry of a street address to accompany phone and email contacts. “Geographical based alerting allows us to target our alerts to residents in the area of concern during an emergency,” said Sheriff Warren. “Every resident should take the time now to sign up for CodeRed alerts.”

For more information, contact the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office at 934-6441, visit our website: and select Sheriff, or access us on Facebook at CodeRED is a OnSolve communication solution. For more information on the OnSolve company go to