Founding and charter members of the Glenn County Grand Jury Alumni Association would like to announce the formation of an organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the Glenn County Grand Jury.

The Glenn County Grand Jury Alumni Association (GCGJAA) is a civic organization dedicated to working for the Glenn County Grand Jury to enhance and promote the work of the Grand Jury. Although the GCGJAA helps support the Grand Jury, it in no way is involved in the workings, procedures, or the investigations of the Grand Jury.

The Alumni Association is dedicated to promoting Grand Jury participation as well as informing the community the importance of service with the Grand Jury. In order to enhance Grand Jury service the GCGJAA is charged with helping to inform through many venues with the rewards of Grand Jury service as well as promoting participation in this most important civic entity.

The GCGJAA is affiliated with the California Grand Jurors' Association, which gives a greater perspective on Grand Jury membership throughout the state. As affiliated members, county Associations have greater access to information pertaining to happenings that effect Grand Juries and their service throughout the state.

Should you seek membership or further information, please contact the Courts.