All drought assistance programs are for Glenn County residents who have water insecurities due to well water issues (dry well etc.) and have filed a Well Incident Report. To file a Well Incident Report, click here


Orland Area Water Supply Project

  • City of Orland Water System Connections Program - The City of Orland was awarded a grant from Department of Water Resources (DWR) to assist with connecting additional residents to the city water system. 
    • Expression of Interest Form for Connecting to the City of Orland Water System - The Expression of Interest Form deadline of December 31, 2021 has passed, and the survey availability has closed. For more information, please contact Jen Schmitke with the City of Orland at (530) 865-1610.

Drinking Water Delivery and Water Tank Programs 

  • Glenn County has partnered with North Valley Community Foundation on a grant from DWR for urgent drinking water needs. This program has two parts, a bottled drinking water delivery service and a water tank program with delivery of non-potable water.

    • For more information on this program refer to the contract form or contact NVCF at 530-230-4153.
    • To sign up for this program, please click here to complete the program contract forms and submit to NVCF