On May 7, 2019, Inmate Steve Burdell Currier was denied parole! He will serve an additional 3 years before parole will be considered again. Deputy District Attorney Coffey wrote a letter to the California Board Of Parole Hearings voicing Glenn County’s opposition to his parole from California Medical Facility-Vacaville. Vacaville Medical Facility has previously housed other notorious California inmates such as Charles Manson, Richard Allen Davis, and Juan Corona.

Inmate Currier, now 61 years old, was previously convicted of murder and sentenced to 31 years to life. On November 6, 1984, 26-year-old Steve Currier was harassing and threatening to kill another patron (S.M.) at the Crossroads Bar in Willows, California. The Inmate told S.M. he “would take care of him” and revealed a knife, threatening to “cut his heart out” and saying that it was nothing for him to take a life. A third patron, Todd Stewart, stood up and began to put on his coat and Mr. Stewart remarked that Inmate Currier was not really going to stab anyone. Inmate Currier responded by stabbing Mr. Stewart, who succumbed to his wounds later that night. Inmate Currier meanwhile threatened the bartender, who locked herself in the bar’s office telling her, “If you snitch on me, I’ll cut your heart all the way out.” The inmate stated to a Registered Nurse who was drawing his blood that night, “I finally got my wish, I got someone.” Inmate Currier had previously been convicted in 1978 of assault with a deadly weapon on an officer, for shooting (non-fatally) a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Deputy. Previous to this life crime, Inmate Currier had spent most of his adult life incarcerated in the prison system.