Glenn County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call on January 23, 2021 at approximately 1815 hours from Oleg Donskov reporting that he and his wife were stranded in the snow on Forest Highway (FH) 7, above Masterson’s Campground in western Glenn County. Donskov advised that they were in sedan traveling from Sacramento to Fort Bragg with no heater, food, or water and had been stuck for several hours.


The Glenn County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) was activated and deployed to the incident. The SAR team equipped with four-wheel drive Jeeps located the couple approximately 30 minutes past the end of the pavement on the non-maintained portion of FH7 in approximately a foot and a half of snow. The couple were transported to safety were given alternate directions to their final destination. The couple had been directed to this route by their GPS. In the event GPS directs you to a non-maintained road, it is best to turn around and ask for directions or re-route to maintained roadways.


Travel using FH7 as a route between Glenn and Mendocino counties is not advised during winter. This roadway is not maintained. This roadway along with many other roads in the Mendocino National Forest become unpassable during rain and snow storms. In particular, this area will be greatly impacted by inclement weather this year due to the August Complex burn scar. This area will be subject to soil erosion, debris flows, slides, and downed trees. Changes in road and terrain conditions can happen rapidly during rain and snow storms. This area may be subject to flash flooding that will result in the issuance of emergency alerts and possible road closures. It is advised to avoid travel in the burn area during storms.


The Glenn County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue would like to remind everyone to drive safely, tell friends or family of your planned route, when you expect to return, pack an emergency bag in case you become stranded, and dress appropriately for weather conditions.    


Additionally, Glenn County Public Works has sand available at four locations for sand bags if needed for the incoming storms.


  • Willows – Glenn County Public Works 777 N. Colusa St.
  • Orland – Glenn County Public Works on South St. - Corner of CR 200 and M
  • Elk Creek – located on County Road 306 across from the Elk Creek Fire Department
  • Hamilton City – located across from the Hamilton City Fire Department