Glenn County Board of Supervisors honors Catherine Ehorn on 37 years of service!

At this morning's board of supervisor meeting Cathy Ehorn was honored and thanked for her years of service.  Cathy has completed almost thirty-seven years of work and dedication to the citizens and employees of Glenn County, and has provided behind-the-scenes expertise in the financial intricacies of the
County exercising diligent care and assuring the judicious use of taxpayer money, and has served the County through the most difficult economic times, working
tirelessly with the Finance Director to present a balanced budget, and has been a committed public servant, and worked diligently to assist her coworkers in all areas of Finance including payroll, budgeting, information technology, accounts payable, and tax collection, and extensive knowledge of the County’s finances is second only to her softspoken and kind responses to the ever-present queries from County employees who have come to rely on her prompt and accurate calculations.  

The Glenn County Board of Supervisors recognizes and commends Catherine L. Ehorn for her decades of extraordinary service and dedication to the citizens and employees of Glenn County and extends their best wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement.