The Glenn County Board of Supervisors are requesting your assistance in selecting a paint scheme for the Annex Building located at 516 W. Sycamore Street in Willows. The Glenn County Annex was erected in 1968, it has been re-painted once since its erection but it is estimated this was completed over 30 years ago. The building's paint is showing significant deterioration and also has mold/stains. Paint selection was based on durability, mold resistance and economical factors. 

County staff recommends a two paint color scheme. The exposed rock and louvers will be pressure washed after the dead ivy has been removed from the front of the building. 

With the assistance of a paint consultant, the choices have been narrowed down to two options.

Now Glenn County residents get to choose their favorite paint scheme option! The option that receives the most votes will be presented to the Glenn County Board of Supervisors for final approval. 

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Paint Option 1.


Paint Option 2.