In response to much social uncertainty and numerous inquiries, I wanted to clarify the position of the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office relative to existing health orders, as well as any potential impending orders at the County or State level.

It is important to note that Government Code section 8627 authorizes the Governor, during a state of emergency, to “promulgate, issue, and enforce such orders and regulations as are deemed necessary” and section 8567 states that such orders “shall have the force and effect of law”.   Further, section 8665 makes violation of such an order a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000 or by imprisonment for not to exceed 6 months or both.  However, section 26602 gives the sheriff the authority, but not the obligation, to enforce such orders.

In accordance with the authority granted to me under section 26602, I have decided that the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office will not be determining (including entering any home or business) compliance with, or enforcing compliance of, any health or emergency orders related to curfews, staying at home, Thanksgiving or other social gathering inside or outside the home, maximum occupancy, or mask mandates. Further, we will not dispatch deputies for these purposes. Of course, if there is potential criminal behavior or the potential for impacts to public or personal safety, we will continue to respond appropriately.

Please understand that this applies only to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office. State, County, and City agencies may be actively enforcing these orders and therefore violating these orders could subject the public to criminal and civil penalties up to and including imprisonment.  

I would like to wish everyone and happy and meaningful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Sheriff Richard Warren