Glenn County will be hosting a series of bottled water distribution events for residents impacted by dry wells resulting from the current drought. The bottled water was donated by Amazon to Glenn County with the assistance of Assemblyman James Gallagher. The County of Glenn is grateful for the partnership with Assemblyman Gallagher’s Office and Amazon. The water distribution will be coordinated by the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office – Office of Emergency Services (OES) with assistance from the Volunteers In Partnership with the Sheriff (VIPS) and the Orland Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS).


Bottled Water Distribution Events:

Dates: Wednesday, July 14th and July 21st, 2021

Time: 4 to 7 p.m.

Location: Orland Fire Department, 810 5th St., Orland, CA 95963

Requirements: Must be a resident of Glenn County.

  • Residents must complete a Glenn County Dry Well report.
  • Limit 10 cases per household.

*Additional events may be scheduled, based on supply.


Please do not bring donations to the water distribution sites. We understand our community wants to help; however, we are unable to accept individual donations at this time. Although we appreciate the donations of goods and supplies, it is very difficult to manage and distribute.


Glenn County has launched a new Well Incident Reporting system. This easy to use electronic reporting system is available on our website: select Dry Well Reporting from the menu. This report can be completed from a computer or smart phone. If you do not have access to a computer or smart phone, the County can assist you with completing the report by phone by calling the Glenn County Planning & Community Development Department at 530-934-6540 or in person at the bottled water distribution events.  Residents who have completed a report with California Department of Water Resources (DWR) are asked to also complete a County of Glenn report.


The information gathered through the well incident reporting system is crucial to our ability to develop a statistical analysis to better understand our groundwater system, to identify patterns and trends, and to establish a clear understanding of the impact that the drought is having on our community.  The information will also assist the County in forecasting the potential future impacts that this drought will have on our community and will allow us to develop measures that will mitigate those impacts on our residents.  In addition, this information will provide valuable support for our request for State and Federal resources to assist our community with the impacts from the drought. 


For more information, visit our Drought website at  or access us on Facebook at or Twitter @GlennCountyOES . For more information on the water distribution event, please contact the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office – OES at 530-934-6441.