April 19, 2021

The committee that is examining various responses to COVID-19 concerns met this past Friday, April 16.  Those in attendance were Scott De Moss – Glenn County CAO, Dr. Garrison – Glenn County Public Health Director, Christine Zoppi – Glenn County Health and Human Services Agency Director, Laura Medina – Glenn County Public Health, Dwayne Newman – Orland Unified Superintendent, Adam Reimers – Orland High Athletic Director, Jeremy Powell – Hamilton Unified Superintendent, Korey Williams – Princeton Unified Superintendent, Kylee Paulos – Glenn County Office of Education Nurse, Michelle Dobbs – Orland Unified Nurse, Tracey Quarne – Glenn County Office of Education Superintendent. 

The committee’s purpose is to strive to ensure the maximum number of students can participate in extra and co-curricular activities while maintaining a safe and healthy community.

The committee discussed some of the difficulties with delayed COVID-19 test positivity, and how it impacts the period of jeopardy for virus transmission. For instance, an individual who tests negative may very well be positive and contagious for up to two days prior to testing positive.  The committee also discussed the return to sports state protocol, that student athletes who test positive need to be released by their health care professional prior to resuming participation in any strenuous activity.

The committee’s goal is to use ‘contact tracing’ to identify those students who had close contact with an infected student in determining who will be quarantined, as opposed to the entire student cohort (team) having to be quarantined. The committee appreciates that Glenn County is one of the few counties in California to follow the guidelines in this fashion.

In their next meeting, the committee will discuss ‘contact tracing’ and how to best gather the information needed to determine who had close contact with the infected student.

The committee appreciates the communities interest in this matter and the support extended to our schools and school activities.  The committee will meet again this Friday, April 23.

All questions, concerns, and comments are requested to be sent to either:

 Glenn County Administrative Office

Attention: Scott De Moss, County Administrative Officer


(530) 934-6400

Glenn County Office of Education

Attention:  Tracey Quarne, County Superintendent of Schools


(530) 934-6575