Water & Land Management Newsletter - September 2014

Well and Water Disinfection Information

The purpose of disinfection is to destroy harmful (pathogenic) organisms. The type and extent of disinfection used is determined by the source and condition of the water to be treated. Both CHLORINE RESIDUAL and CONTACT TIME are essential to effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Well Completion Report Request Form - Owner

California Water Code Section 13752 allows the release of copies of confidential Well Completion Reports to any person who obtains written authorization from the owner of the well. Well owners may use this form to authorize the release of a Well Completion Report by the Department of Water Resources. DWR requires the township, range, and section of the property where the well is located to start a search. Attach a map or a sketch with a north arrow, and provide as much identifying information listed below as possible; use additional paper if necessary. Sign the form, and submit it to the appropriate DWR District office.

Wilson Creek Detention Facility Hydrogeologic Basin Evaluation