Hambright Creek Response

Firefighters sandbag Hambright Creek

Orland, CA –Glenn County experienced widespread flooding and debris flows this week due to excessive rain from the series of atmospheric river storms. On March 14, 2023, the Deputy Director of the Office of Emergency Services (OES) proclaimed a Local Emergency to facilitate and obtain resources to respond to the impacts from the storms.

A breach occurred on Hambright Creek west of Orland in the area of County Road C. This break in the natural bank of the creek widened quickly to approximately 100 feet, allowing water to flow out of the channel and across property, roads, and into an irrigation canal. The canal filled quickly but assisted with diverting the excess water from the creek breach. Flooding occurred in the area of County Road DD, E, and FF west of Orland.

Glenn County Sheriff’s Office, Search and Rescue, Orland Fire, Hamilton City Fire, and Willows Fire responded to monitor the area, conduct structure and property protection, and assess the need for evacuations. An advisory alert was issued to residents in the threatened area via CodeRED alert system. Glenn County Sheriff - OES requested a Flood Fight Specialist from the State Department of Water Resources who responded in the evening of March 15th to assess the threat of flooding and identify possible emergency mitigation measures. Fortunately, the rain slowed and the water receded  that evening, alleviating the threat of significant flooding.

On March 15th, representatives from Glenn County Sheriff – OES, Glenn County Public Works, Board of Supervisors, Pacific, Gas, and Electric (PG&E), property owners, and US Department of Agriculture – Watershed Program met and assessed the breach. It was determined that a temporary fix be conducted to address the breach prior to the next storm. Glenn County Sheriff – OES requested flood fight resources from the State Department of Water Resources and Cal-OES to include sandbags and muscle wall, a temporary plastic wall that is assembled to fill the gap in the creek bank. Glenn County Sheriff – OES coordinated with Orland Fire to organize a team for the mission.

On March 17th, Orland Fire led a team of over 20 fire fighters from Willows, Glenn-Codora, Elk Creek, and Hamilton City Fire departments on the mission to install the muscle wall and sandbags to harden the creek bank. This mission was supervised by a Flood Fight Specialist from State Department of Water Resources. This temporary wall will keep the flow of water within the creek channel for the remainder of the storm season. Glenn County Public Works continues to work with the property owner on solutions for a permanent repair to this creek channel.

For additional information including how residents can sign up for emergency alerts through CodeRED, please visit our website www.countyofglenn.net/OES , or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/glenncountysheriff .


   3/14/23 Hambright Creek breach


 3/17/23 Hambright Creek Repair



Fire crews installing muscle wall and sandbags on Hambright Creek 3/17/23



Orland, Willows, Glenn Codora, Elk Creek and Hamilton City Fire Department members conducting repairs on Hambright Creek 3/17/23