Don't Wait to Vaccinate

Don’t Wait to Vaccinate 

GLENN COUNTY, Calif. – School may look very different this fall, but getting your kindergartner, 7th grader, or college student vaccinated is still important to protect them against serious diseases. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused some delays and lowered the number of children and adults who are getting their recommended shots. It’s vital that everyone continues to protect yourselves by staying up to date on routine care and shots.


“You may feel nervous about going in for routine doctor visits, but many offices are taking extra steps to safely see patients. These routine visits and vaccines are still important for your health,” said Dr. Jared Garrison.


It is Safe to Come In

Hospitals, clinics and other health care settings have taken extra care to make sure patients are safe during visits. Extra safety steps may include:

  • Separate visit times for sick and healthy patients.
  • Requiring that patients wear a mask to their visit.
  • Disinfecting areas in between patient visits.
  • Physical distancing in waiting rooms.
  • Asking patients to stay outside until they are called into their visit to avoid crowded waiting rooms.


Call Your Doctor

Call your doctor today to make sure you and your family are up to date on all your shots. If routine vaccinations continue to be delayed, it puts families and communities at risk for infection with vaccine preventable diseases. It’s essential to ensure children and adults continue to receive recommended vaccines and in the fall, everyone 6 months and older should get influenza vaccine.


For information about vaccines, please visit the CDC website at or contact the Glenn County Public Health Department at 530-934-6588


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