COVID-19 Vaccine Update January 19, 2021

Glenn County Public Health is working diligently to vaccinate those at risk for complications from COVID-19. Eligibility has expanded to include those who are 75 years and older and those 65 years and older with underlying medical conditions for vaccination in Glenn County.

California Department of Public Health released last week that those 65 and older should be prioritized for vaccination. Glenn County is working towards this goal; however, calls for appointments for those meeting the current eligibility of 75+ and 65 + with medical conditions, have surpassed both the call capacity of Public Health, as well as vaccine allocations for our County at this time. Glenn County is unable to open up vaccinations to additional groups until the State is able to keep up the supply of the vaccine to meet the demands and needs in current phases.

Approximately 1000 first dose vaccinations are scheduled for January 22 - February 5th. These clinics will continue to serve staff healthcare and personnel in Phase 1A as well as residents 75+ years and 65+ years with underlying health conditions. All clinics scheduled are subject to change based on vaccine availability.

All January clinics are FULL. A clinic on February 5th is tentatively scheduled, and is completely FULL. All persons who scheduled an appointment are being notified that the appointment is contingent on vaccine availability, as allocations are yet to be confirmed by the State. Additional clinics are scheduled for February, however, appointments cannot be released until the State has provided reliable information on vaccine inventory and shipments. At this time, a wait list has been started.

Glenn County Public Health has been overwhelmed by the number of callers attempting to make appointments. The calls have surpassed the phone line capacity and it has pushed many callers to busy signal or voicemail. We ask residents of Glenn County to be patient with the vaccine process and with our staff as we work through this unprecedented pandemic response.

Glenn County is working on a web-based solution for residents to register and self-identify eligibility, such as age or workforce sector, as well as interest in being contacted when appointments are being made for that qualifying tier.

Glenn County has administered approximately 570 first dose vaccines to Phase 1A sectors: healthcare (to include medical, dental, pharmacy, hospice, lab), frontline public health, behavioral health crisis providers, child welfare services, In Home Supportive Services (IHSS), long term care and congregate facility residents and staff, coroner and mortuary services, and Phase 1B: emergency services (EMS, fire, law, probation), in the past month.

Glenn County Public Health received approximately 100 doses of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine lot 41L20A, and administered half of the doses during the vaccination clinic conducted last week. The State has recommended that all providers pause administration of this lot to determine whether it is linked with a higher rate of allergic reactions.

No immediate allergic reactions occurred during the clinic and standard observation period, as is the identified issue by California Department of Public Health. Out of an abundance of caution, the remaining doses in this lot will not be utilized until the investigation by State and Federal officials is complete. Anyone experiencing a reaction or side effects following vaccination should report it to the CDC V-Safe Health Checker online:

Glenn County Public Health Department can be contacted Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 530-934-6588 or or visit