COVID-19 Vaccine Update January 27, 2021

Glenn County is allocated just 1/10th of a percent of the State’s weekly vaccine allocation – that’s approximately 300 doses per week. It appears that the formula that the state uses to determine the number of vaccines provided to a county does not favor rural counties like Glenn. Glenn County is currently working with the state to request additional vaccine allocations. 

Glenn County Public Health currently has a higher demand for the COVID vaccine than the amount of vaccine being allocated to the county by the State. To date, Glenn County has received a total of 2,010 doses (for both 1st and 2nd dose administration). Glenn County has administered approximately 1100 vaccines over the past month including 260 second dose vaccines. Over 1100 vaccinations are scheduled for January 27th - February 11th. This includes 790 first doses and 330 second doses.  

“We have more appointments scheduled than we currently have vaccine on hand,” said Dr. Jared Garrison, Glenn County Health Officer. “As a result, we have started a waitlist, which currently has more than 600 eligible residents on the list.” Glenn County expects to continue to receiving vaccine, however, the State allocates vaccine on a weekly basis, which complicates planning for future clinics.

“The older population will continue to be a priority in vaccination, as they are at the highest risk for severe illness and death,” according to Dr. Jared Garrison. “Eight out of ten deaths from COVID-19 are in persons over the age of 65.  This group also accounts for a large percentage of those hospitalized.” 

After completion of the vaccinations for phase 1A, emergency services, and residents 75 years and older, and those over 65 with medical conditions, Glenn County Public Health Department will begin vaccinating the following groups:

1) Seniors 65 years and older. 

2) Teachers working in Glenn County 60 years and older and teachers 50 years and older with underlying medical conditions.

3) Agricultural and farm workers 60 years and older with underlying medical conditions.


The State is rolling out two new systems this week: My Turn and a statewide vaccine administration network. Glenn County Public Health will be participating in informational workshops provided by State Officials to learn more about how each system will change the vaccine delivery system in Glenn County.

My Turn is an online system to register for vaccine eligibility notifications as well as vaccine clinic appointments. It is currently only offered in a few select counties. Glenn County is assessing the system to determine how it can be incorporated into the local public health vaccine appointment system. Once more information is acquired, we will let the residents know how it will be implemented locally.

The statewide vaccine administration network will augment existing vaccine systems already in place. This system will not replace local public health as a vaccine administrator but will provide a vaccine provider system that will expand to include healthcare systems, pharmacies, and pop-up mobile sites that can provide vaccine to underserved communities. Glenn County Public Health is still gaining information on this system from the State but we look forward to assistance in broadening the vaccine rollout to our community.

Glenn County Public Health Department can be contacted Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 530-934-6588 or or visit