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PEOPLE V. ELLESBURY, CLARENCE - In 1992, Inmate Clarence Vern Ellesbury was convicted of Penal Code section 187, Second-Degree Murder for killing his wife. The murder occurred when Ellesbury learned his wife had been unfaithful to him and he responded by strangling her to death with his bare hands. Ellesbury then packed her deceased body and her children into the car and drove to a remote location to dump her body. Please see the attached 1991 Press Release photo for more information on the facts of the case.

The Glenn County Sheriff's Office then Detective Buxton and then Officer Randall (who later became mayor of Orland, California later arrested Ellesbury when he attempted to return to his wife’s body with plans to conceal/dispose of it further in order to cover up his crimes.

This case was originally prosecuted by DA Bob Holzapfel. Inmate Ellesbury was sentenced to 15 years to life. The parole board has twice previously granted Inmate Ellesbury parole. However, in both instances the Governor reviewed those decisions and overrode them, keeping the inmate in prison. A primary reason for a denial is that this Inmate continued to pose an unreasonable risk to the public.


On June 28, 2023, a subsequent parole hearing was held for Inmate Ellesbury at San Quentin. DDA Coffey attended the hearing on behalf of the Glenn County District Attorney’s Office to argue against the Inmate’s release on parole. After nearly 2 hours of testimony and deliberations, the Parole Board voted to DENY Inmate Ellesbury’s parole for 3 years.


Press Release: Glenn County Public Health to Conduct a Health-Related Survey by Phone (June 19, 2023)

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GLENN COUNTY, CA — Glenn County Public Health is working with The Logit Research Group to conduct health-related telephone surveys based on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Between June 21- July 31, 2023, Glenn County residents will be randomly selected and called on their landline or cell phone to take a 20 to 25-minute survey. Public Health has chosen to conduct phone surveys to gather input from a diverse range of community members. The input will provide a snapshot of the county’s current health status and identify areas for improvement.


PEOPLE V. MICHAEL ABEL-Defendant was previously convicted of felony violations of Penal Code section 459, First Degree Burglary and 211, Robbery, 22210, Possession of a Billy Club, and misdemeanor violation of 496(a), Possession of Stolen Property and was found in violation of probation for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time. Defendant was sentenced to 5 years 8 months state prison. This case was prosecuted by DDA Coffey with assistance from Glenn County Probation Officer Gray.


PEOPLE V. COLTON SMITH - Defendant was previously convicted of NINE different felony violations of theft including Vehicle Code section 10851, Auto Theft, 594, Vandalism, and 12022.1, Committing New Felonies While Out on Own Recognizance and was found in violation of probation. Defendant was sentenced to 10 years prison including two consecutive cases in Shasta and Yolo that were resentenced. This case was prosecuted by DA Stewart with assistance from Glenn County Probation Officer Gray, Orland Police Department Officers Andrade and Lowery and Sgt. Cessna, and CHP Willows Officers Roach, Baxter, Murphy, and Ollar.