This meeting can be accessed via telephone at 1-571-317-3122 or by computer, smartphone, or tablet at: is external)

Meeting Access Code: 470-476-693

Pursuant to Governor Newsom's Executive Order N-29-20, this meeting will be conducted by teleconference ONLY. Remote participation is highly encouraged.  I regret any frustration this may cause for individuals that would like to participate in person.  Please know, we will do all we can to incorporate public input during this process including participation by phone, chat via the web service, and email. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we test our ability to provide services and continue decision making processes remotely.

  • General Conference Call Etiquette
    • Anyone having trouble should contact staff via email ([email protected]) or send a message via chat box
    • Mute your phones when not speaking (do not put on hold)
      • The organizer may mute all participants until they have been acknowledged by the Chairperson or staff
    • Only use one audio option (phone or computer, not both)
  • Ways for participation
    • Send a comment via email: [email protected]
    • Enter a comment in the GoTo Meeting Chat box
    • Put you name in the GoTo Meeting Chat box and wait to have your name called to verbally make your comment
    • Call in phone line


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