On behalf of the Colusa Groundwater Authority (CGA) and Glenn Groundwater Authority (GGA), we are pleased to offer an opportunity to review initial content for several chapters of the pending Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) for the Colusa Subbasin.  The chapters can be found by clicking on the direct links to each of the chapters below or at the following link:


 The GSP is being prepared as a requirement of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (amended 2015). The following initial GSP chapters are available for review in “pdf” format: 

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction and TOC (Table of Contents)
  • Chapter 2 – Plan Area
  • Chapter 3 – Basin Setting
  • Chapter 4 – Monitoring Networks
  • Appendix 1A through 4A

Please note that this review period is not a formal review for the entire GSP. That will come in approximately September. This initial review period ends at midnight on May 5, 2021 so please respond in a timely manner.

Your input is very important to us. To ensure we have an accurate and consistent account of all comments, we have prepared a standardized comment submission approach.   

Attached with this message is an MS Word document and a pdf file, both titled “Colusa Subbasin GSP Chapter Input”.  The files introduce a table that allows you to easily enter the following key information so we have certainty about your input.  The table includes the following categories: 

  • Chapter Number
  • Section Number
  • Page Number
  • Paragraph Number (starting with the first full paragraph at the top of a given page)
  • Figure/Table Number (if applicable)
  • Comment

Please use the following instructions so we capture all your important feedback.


  1. Please ONLY use the MS Word or PDF document titled “Colusa Subbasin GSP Chapter Input” to submit your comments.  
  2. Review all applicable text and note each Chapter, Section, Page, and Paragraph number associated with a comment you’d like to make. For Paragraph number, please start with the first full paragraph at the top of a given page and count down. 
  3. Enter your name and if applicable, an organizational affiliation at the top of your table. 
  4. Once you have completed all your comments, please save the file with your last name at the end in parentheses.  For example:
    1. Colusa Subbasin GSP Chapter Input (Jones).docx 
  5. If you are located in the Glenn Groundwater Authority, please send your comment file to:
    1. Lisa Hunter – Program Manager - Glenn Groundwater Authority: [email protected] 
  6. If you are located in the Colusa Groundwater Authority, please send your comment file to
    1. Mary Fahey – Program Manager - Colusa Groundwater Authority: [email protected] 
  7. If you don’t affiliate specifically with either the CGA and/or GGA, please send your comments to both Mary and Lisa. 
  8. Please make sure that your comments are submitted by midnight May 5, 2021. 

In closing, thank you in advance for dedicating your time to review these materials. Your input is very important to us and we look forward to getting your perspectives on this GSP. 


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