The fees listed below are "per person" and not all fees are listed. If you do not see a specific fee please contact the Civil Division at (530) 934-6523.

Summons & Complaint $40.00
Summons & Complaint
(Unlawful Detainer)
Summons & Petition $40.00
Claim of Plaintiff

(MUST be received 3 weeks prior to court hearing date)

Claim of Defendant $40.00
3, 30 or 60 Day Notice $40.00
Landlord/Tenant Notice $40.00
Order to Show Cause

(MUST be received at least 20 days prior to court hearing date)

Notice of Motion $40.00
Notice of Hearing $40.00
Wage Garnishment $35.00
Bank Levy

(per bank)

Writ of Possession

(Real Property Eviction/Possession)

Civil Bench Warrants $140.00
8 hour Keeper $240.00

No fee is charged to serve a Temporary Restraining Order or a Harassment Order.