Subbasin Overview

The Corning Subbasin is a portion of the larger Sacramento Valley Groundwater Basin covering approximately 207,342 acres. The subbasin spans Glenn and Tehama Counties and is bounded on the west by the Coast Ranges, on the north by Thomes Creek, on the east by the Sacramento River, and on the south by Stony Creek except for a small portion following the Glenn-Tehama County boundary.

map of corning subbasin groundwater sustainability agencies

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The Groundwater Sustainability Agencies strive to develop a single Groundwater Sustainability Plan for the Corning Subbasin.  The agencies have submitted a Notice of Intent to Develop a Groundwater Sustainability Plan for the Corning Subbasin to the Department of Water Resources.  A written statement was also developed and distributed as required by Water Code Section 10727.8. 

Glenn County: Corning Subbasin Factsheet

Corning Subbasin Groundwater Public Meeting Information (November 6, 2019)

Please contact the Groundwater Sustainability Agencies below for more information on specific Groundwater Sustainability Agency meetings and activities.

For subbasin-wide activities and Corning Subbasin Advisory Board meeting information, visit the Corning Subbasin GSP website.

Groundwater Sustainability Agency
Phone Number
Corning Sub-basin GSA 530.934.6540
Tehama County Flood Control  & Water Conservation District 530.690.0700