Glenn County operates two Public General Aviation Airports: Orland-Haigh Field and Willows-Glenn.

The Airports receive revenue from the sale of fuel, rental of hangars, leasing of airport property and leasing of industrial park property. Each Airport also receives an annual $10,000 grant from the State of California that may be used for airport operational expenses.

Both airports are operated in accordance with their Airport Master Plan. You can access these plans by clicking on this link to the Resources & Documents section of our website.

Glenn County also operates the Orland Airport Industrial Park. The 65 acre industrial park which is located directly east of the Orland Haigh Field and is close to major transportation routes.

  Av Gas Fuel Price: Orland-Haigh $6.76  Willows-Glenn $6.79 - updated April 29, 2024

Airport Projects

Orland-Haigh Field Runway 15/33  project is now complete and runway is OPEN.

For more information about the airports or the industrial park please click the links above or call our offices at 530.934.6530.

Orland-Haigh Field - Located at 4115 County Road P

LOCATIONLocated in Orland, CA at the southwest corner of County Roads P and 200, south of State Highway 32
RUNWAY LENGTHOrland-Haigh Airport (ID O37)—1 runway
Runway 15/33 is lighted. 4500 feet long by 60 feet wide
RADIORadio Frequency-Unicom 122.7, irregular monitoring
PAPIPAPI lights-always on
RUNWAY LIGHTSRunway lights-radio clicks-3x low, 5x medium, 7xhigh

Willows-Glenn - Located at 125 County Road G

LOCATIONLocated in Willows, CA at the southwest corner of State Route 162 (Wood Street) and Interstate 5
RUNWAY LENGTHWillows-Glenn County Airport (ID WLW)—2 Runways
Runway 16/34 is the west runway and has runway lights. 4125 feet long by 100 feet wide
Runway 13/31 is the east runway and does not have runway lights. 3778 feet by 60 feet
RADIORadio Frequency-Unicom 122.8, irregular monitoring
PAPIActivate VASI lights-3x only on Runway 16/34
RUNWAY LIGHTSRunway lights (when beacon is turned on)-radio clicks-3X for low, 5X for medium, 7X for high