The State Hearing is a process where you can have your child support case reviewed by a judge. The Ombudsman can help you prepare for the State Hearing.

Child Support State Hearing Process

The following types of complaints can be heard at a State Hearing:

  • Your application for child support services has been denied or has not been acted upon within the required time frame.
  • Your case has been acted upon and you believe the county acted illegally.
  • Child support payments were not given to you or you received the wrong amount or you don?t agree with the past-due amount.
  • The child support agency closed your child support case.

You must request a State Hearing within 90 days after you receive the county's response to your complaint, or within 90 days after you filed your complaint and the county did not respond to you.

After the request for hearing is received by the State Hearing Office, the State Hearing will be held in your county within 30 days

To help you prepare for a State Hearing the Department of Child Support Services Ombudsman can help you prepare needed documents. The following information will be helpful as you prepare for your case:

  • A statement of the facts for your case.
  • Copies of any information and papers, such as statement and notices that support your cases
  • A list of witnesses and people who will speak on your behalf at the hearing, if any.

If needed, translation services and reasonable disability assistance are available to you free of charge.

Some issues cannot be heard at a State Hearing:

  • Court-ordered amounts of child support
  • Question regarding paternity
  • Child custody or visitation
  • Spousal Support
  • Contempt Matters
  • Civil Rights Issues

To request a State Hearing you must complete the local complaint resolution process before you can request a State Hearing. If, after the county process has been completed and you do not feel satisfied with the response you were given, you may contact:

Contact the State Hearing Office  |   (866) 289-4714