The County of Glenn is pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits package for employees and eligible family members. The benefits package includes Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Short-Term Disability Insurance, and automatic enrollment into the Employee Assistance Program.

Concern (Employee Assistance Program)

Membership in the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is at no cost to the employee. As an employee, you and your family can receive counseling services with personal and work-related issues. For more information please click on the links below:


Eligible Glenn County employees are enrolled into the Public Employees Retirement System and are also offered additional 457 retirement plan options.


John Hancock

             Phone Number: 530-865-4053


             Phone Number: 916-900-5939


             Phone: 560-399-5636


Open Enrollment is held each year as indicated:

  • Medical Benefits: September through October
  • Dental/Vision/Life: November 

During each Open Enrollment period, employees are able to make plan selection changes, add or change dependents, etc.


2024 Benefit Information


Health Benefits - Blue Shield Access+, PERS Platinum, PERS Gold and PORAC


Dental - Delta Dental (PPO) and DeltaCare (HMO)


Vision - EyeMed


Disability Insurance


Symetra Life Insurance



             Phone: 530-347-7232

Please contact the Glenn County Personnel Department immediately to report any change in dependent status.

Policy Information

Accommodation/Leave Brochures

Please contact the Glenn County Personnel Department if you go on or plan to go on a Leave of Absence from employment.