Recycle Bottles & Cans!The Waste Management Regional Agency was established in 1998 by a Joint Powers Agreement between County of Glenn and the Cities of Orland and Willows for the purpose of combining disposal and diversion quantities for determining compliance with AB 939 to allow for the efficient operation of diversion programs on a region-wide basis; to assume the responsibilities of the County and the cities for implementation of the multi-jurisdictional Source Reduction and Recycling Element (SRRE), Household Hazardous Waste Element (HHWE), and the Non disposal Facility Element (NDFE) adopted by the County and the cities and any additional related elements or plans that may be required by state law including the Countywide Siting element (SE) and the Summary Plan (SP); to revise, as necessary, any existing elements; to prepare any new subsequent elements; to serve as the single agency responsible for the local approval and public review process of these elements; to prepare the annual reports for the reporting of progress toward AB 939 division goals; and to serve as the agency responsible for compiling the disposal information from haulers and facility operators for compliance with PRC Sections 41780 and 41821.5.

The Waste Management Regional Agency is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Supervisors from the County and a City Council member from each of the two Cities – Orland and Willows -- who are appointed by their respective Boards of Supervisors and City Councils.

Our Partners

In addition to working closely with Glenn County and the Cities of Orland and Willows, the Regional Waste Management Authority also works with Waste Management on many projects. The County and cities have entered into an exclusive franchise agreement with Waste Management for the collection, recycling and disposal of municipal solid waste from each jurisdiction.

For more information regarding the Waste Management Regional Agency, call (530) 934-6530. For more information regarding waste collection services, call Waste Management of Glenn County at (800) 479-8101.