Waste Management provides curbside refuse and recycling services to residents within the franchise area of Glenn County.

When a resident enrolls in the basic refuse collection service, a 64-gallon cart marked specifically for recyclables is included at no additional cost. The recycling cart can be filled with various recyclable materials, a basic list of acceptable materials is located in the link below.

Waste Management Accepted Recyclables

The recycling service is single stream, which means there is no need to separate you recyclable materials. You can conveniently place all eligible recyclable materials in one cart. This saves time and eliminates the hassle of figuring out what items must be separated. Single stream recycling allows Waste Management to collect three times more recyclable materials compared to previous methods.

Recycle carts are emptied by Waste Management every other week and the cart never leaves the property. This means you will always have a cart on site to place recyclables. Together, Glenn County and Waste Management are committed to providing convenient recycling services for residents so that we can help our environment one cart at a time!

More detailed information about waste reduction and recycling can be found on the Waste Management website.

To setup curbside refuse and recycling services with Waste Management call (530) 893-4777.

Waste Management