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Glenn Groundwater Authority Long-Term Funding (2023)


In 2023, the Glenn Groundwater Authority (GGA) began a long-term funding strategy project to fund Groundwater Sustainability Plan implementation and administration.  The process was put on hold in mid-2023 and re-initiated in 2024.  The process and documents relating to the efforts in 2023 are included below.  The more recent 2024 efforts can be found HERE

Notice of Cancellation postcard

















Glenn Groundwater Authority Fee Report

Map Tool

A Map Tool is available to view parcels by user class. Please use the link or the QR code below to view the map.

GGA Map Tool QR code

Notice of Hearing to Adopt Proposed Fee (2023)

Public Workshops

Public Hearing- Cancelled

A public hearing has been scheduled for August 7, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the Willows City Council Chambers located at 201 N. Lassen St., Willows, CA 95988.

Per Board action, the Glenn Groundwater Authority (GGA) has cancelled this hearing and will not consider the property-related fee at this time.  The notice can be read below.

Notice of Cancellation (2023)

More Information

Funding Needs


Visit the GGA Meeting pages for additional information.


Revised Colusa Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan (2024)


On October 26, 2023, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) determined the Colusa Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) to be “incomplete” The Groundwater Sustainability Agencies have 180 days to address the deficiencies and resubmit the GSP for evaluation no later than April 23, 2024. 

The determination letter, initial GSP, annual reports, and related information can be found on DWR's SGMA Portal at: https://sgma.water.ca.gov/portal/#intro

A public hearing to receive comments on the Draft Revised Colusa Subbasin GSP will be held April 19, 2024, 10:00 a.m. at the Glenn County Planning and Community Development Services Agency located at 225 N. Tehama St., Willows, CA 95988.  Following the public hearing, the Glenn Groundwater Authority GSA will consider adoption of the Revised Plan.  Please see the agenda and meeting materials for additional information.  

Glenn Groundwater Authority Special Meeting- July 26, 2023

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GGA Agenda- July 26, 2023 (351.16 KB) 351.16 KB
GGA Meeting Packet- July 26, 2023 (934.88 KB) 934.88 KB
GGA Meeting Minutes- July 26, 2023 (269.54 KB) 269.54 KB

Glenn Groundwater Authority Special Meeting- July 17, 2023

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GGA Agenda- July 17, 2023 (342.85 KB) 342.85 KB
GGA Meeting Packet- July 17, 2023 (477.13 KB) 477.13 KB
GGA Meeting Minutes- July 17, 2023 (203.05 KB) 203.05 KB

Glenn Groundwater Authority Special Meeting- March 22, 2023


Glenn Groundwater Authority Public Workshops (March 2023)


Glenn Groundwater Authority Special Meeting- December 19, 2022

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GGA Agenda- December 19, 2022 (808.94 KB) 808.94 KB
GGA Meeting Packet- December 19, 2022 (7.78 MB) 7.78 MB
GGA Meeting Minutes- December 19, 2022 (228.24 KB) 228.24 KB

Glenn Groundwater Authority Special Meeting- October 21, 2022

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GGA Agenda- October 21, 2022 (803.24 KB) 803.24 KB
GGA Meeting Packet- October 21, 2022 (3.53 MB) 3.53 MB

Request for Proposals: Development and Submittal of the Colusa Subbasin Water Year 2022 Groundwater Sustainability Annual Report


Colusa Subbasin Project & Management Actions (2022)


The purpose of this form is to gather ideas for potential projects and management actions (PMAs) that could be evaluated and possibly be included in the Colusa Subbasin GSP. The initial Colusa Subbasin GSP was submitted in January 2022 and contains PMAs that were submitted during the GSP development process. Now that the GSP has been submitted and we are looking toward implementation, the GSAs have re-opened the PMA Submittal Form to collect additional suggestions and ideas to help the Colusa Subbasin reach and maintain sustainability.  It is important to recognize the GSP is a living document and must be adaptive. 

Potential PMAs may fall under several categories, including but not limited to the following:

  • Recharge projects
  • Supply augmentation projects
  • Water conservation projects
  • Projects to reduce non-beneficial consumptive use
  • Groundwater pumping allocations
  • Monitoring programs (groundwater pumping, water levels, stream flows, etc.)

An online version of this form can be accessed at https://arcg.is/eWTbn or use the QR code below.  This is the preferred submittal method.

PMA form QR code

Please share YOUR ideas by completing and submitting a PMA Submittal Form.  Submittals are due September  8, 2022 at 11:59 pm. To submit:

Email to: [email protected]
Mail to:

Glenn Groundwater Authority

ATTN: Lisa Hunter

225 N. Tehama St.

Willows, CA 95988


Glenn Groundwater Authority Adopted Budget

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GGA 2017/2018 Budget (109.96 KB) 109.96 KB
GGA 2018/2019 Budget (38.23 KB) 38.23 KB
GGA 2019/2020 Budget (30.86 KB) 30.86 KB
GGA 2020/2021 Budget (35.24 KB) 35.24 KB
GGA 2021/2022 Budget (154.44 KB) 154.44 KB
GGA 2022/2023 Budget (124.51 KB) 124.51 KB

Request for Qualifications for Groundwater Sustainability Agency Data Review, Fee Analysis, and Rate Setting Services


Request for Proposals for Annual Audit Services for Fiscal Year 2021/2022


Request for Qualifications: Groundwater Recharge Consulting Services


Colusa Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Annual Reports