This website will provide residents with access to current information on the drought emergency as well as resources for preparedness, response and recovery. 

Para obtener información y asistencia en español, llame al Departamento de Planificación al 530-934-6540

The Drought page has the following sub-pages with resources to assist residents and businesses of Glenn County:

  • Well Incident Report - Report domestic water supply shortage (dry well) and view a map of the drought impact
  • Drought Assistance Programs - Financial and emergency assistance -  individual assistance programs to include connection to the City of Orland Water System, water tank program, and bottled drinking water delivery program.
    • Programas de Asistencia por Sequía - Asistencia financiera y de emergencia. Los programas de asistencia incluyenConexión al Sistema de Agua de la Ciudad de Orland, programa del tanque de agua, y programa de entrega de agua potable embotellada
  • Drought Conditions - Drought data and monitoring tools
  • Drought Resources - From well repair to water haulers, this page has a variety of resources
  • Drought Taskforce - The Glenn County committee established to monitor and respond to the drought emergency

Looking for ways to help those impacted by the Drought in Glenn County?

A donation fund has been established in partnership with North Valley Community Foundation. Funds received through donations will go to assist with drought response in Glenn County such as drinking water, showers, and more.

For more information on this donation fund, go to NVCF

Donate to the Glenn County Drought Response Fund

Emergency Proclamations in effect for Drought in Glenn County

A local emergency has been proclaimed for drought conditions in Glenn County June 1, 2021.

The Governor has proclaimed a State of Emergency for Drought to include Glenn County May 10, 2021

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has granted a Secretarial disaster designation for Drought in Glenn County as identified by the U.S. Drought Monitor (USDA S5146).

The U.S. Small Business Administration declared Glenn County a disaster area due to Drought as identified by the U.S. Drought Monitor (SBA #17389).

Drought Preparedness Actions

California is currently experiencing its driest year on record since 1977, and local groundwater levels are at an all-time low. It is important to prepare for potential drought-related well problems so homeowners are not caught off-guard. Shallow wells (less than 200 feet) are most at risk especially during the summer (June-October) when groundwater levels are at their lowest. Below are some actions you should take now as well as links to our resource pages.

  • Determine the condition of your well.
    • Know your well depth, pump or bowl depth, and water levels, both static and pumping levels. This information will tell you the condition of your well and if it is on the verge of going dry.
  • Test water quality in your well regularly. Water quality can change due to water level fluctuations. As water levels decrease, potential contaminants may become more concentrated. Regularly testing for water quality is important for you and your family's health.
  • Stockpile enough bottled water for a minimum 7-day household supply
  • Develop a family plan to address potential well outages
    • Have the number of a local well repair company handy
    • Identify a company that sells or rents water tanks o Identify a source of trucked-in water
  • Develop a plan to supply water for pets and livestock in case of a well outage
  • Communicate your drought preparedness plans with your neighbors and work together

What To Do If Your Domestic Well Goes Dry

  • Call a local well repair service to diagnose the problem, and fix it if possible
  • Report your dry well on our Well Incident Report Form
  • Check with your neighbors on the status of their domestic wells and let them know about your situation
  • Emergency water can be brought in by contacting a water hauler or through the filling station program at the City of Orland

Updated 04/25/2022

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