Are you a healthcare provider serving Glenn County? Do you have an interest in networking with healthcare organizations, first responders, public health and emergency management working together to strengthen emergency preparedness, response, and recovery?

If you answered yes, contact the Glenn County Public Health Emergency Services at

To learn more about our Butte-Glenn Emergency Preparedness Healthcare Coalition (HCC) also visit the Butte County Public Health Emergency Preparedness page at

Butte-Glenn Emergency Preparedness Healthcare Coalition (HCC) Meeting Information:

Quarterly Newsletters

Fall 2023

Winter 2024

2023 Schedule

January 18, 2023 Minutes

March 15, 2023 Minutes

June 21, 2023 Minutes

September 20, 2023 Minutes

December 20, 2023 Minutes

2024 Schedule

March 20, 2024 Minutes

Butte-Glenn Emergency Preparedness Healthcare Coalition (HCC) Documents:

Butte-Glenn Emergency Preparedness Healthcare Coalition Preparedness and Response Plan

Butte-Glenn Emergency Preparedness Healthcare Coalition Bylaws, Revision 3

Statement of Participation


Health Advisories and Related Resources:

Preventing Transmission of Viral Respiratory Pathogens in Healthcare Settings

Viral Respiratory Pathogens Toolkit for Nursing Homes

Recommendations for Prevention and Control of COVID-19, Influenza, and Other Respiratory Viral Infections in California Skilled Nursing Facilities – 2023-24

California Department of Public Health MPOX Resources 


Training Resources:

Healthcare Facility Emergency Information (MHOAC Program):

Local Emergency Preparedness Plans:

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